Bike Online Sizing

Find & determine the right frame size for your customers.
Solves the sizing problem in bike e-commerce.

  • Increase conversion
  • Reduce returns
  • Show alternative bike models

The most precise bike sizing widget!

  • Data-driven size calculation
  • Market proven: 45+ million sizings
  • Frame geometry database with 200.000+ bikes
  • Customization of the user interface to the brand identity
  • Simple and fair pricing model, scales with your needs
  • Years of experience in bike measurement
  • Science based development
  • 75% market share in europe
  • 15+ supported languages
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What others say about Smartfit

  • We chose to implement the Smartfit solution into our new Colnago website and its Studio section thanks to its ease of use for our consumers, also because it's becoming a standard in the cycling industry. Launching a new product like the C68, with brand new geometries that differ from the past models, can be tricky. Thanks to Smartfit we solved the problem to its roots.
    Now, we'll be sure that our customers will order the perfect C68, and it will fit them like a glove.

    Michele Calliari & Mauro Mondonico
    Colnago, IT Manager & Head of Sales
  • Foto von Alberto Squizzato
    Willier Logo

    Smartfit completely changes the way we interact with thousands of consumers every year. The tool is really smooth and easy to understand, with only 3 quick steps to a precise indication of frame size. We are very happy with Smartfit, it has helped us to improve the customer journey, at a very fair price.

    Alberto Squizzato
    Marketing, Wilier Triestina
  • Foto Rodrigo Irenico

    The Smart Fit team has been excellent in helping us to implement and run our size calculator. The system works really well in helping our customers to find the perfect bike size, consequently reducing the number of inquiries. The system was easy to integrate and it runs smoothly.

    Rodrigo Irenico
    eCommerce Manager,

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Amazing Developer Experience

Developers love working with this product. The docs are great and it works out of the box!

Technical Details

To get started a JavaScript snippets needs to be included and connected to a DOM-Element. The rest works batteries included. By the click on a button the included code snippet will load and embed an iFrame to display the widget. There are callbacks for all relevant events and the code is framework agnostic.

  • Easy to embed
  • Optimized file sizes
  • Framework agnostic
  • Lifecycle callbacks
  • Namespaced

In active development: our roadmap for 2023 is already complete.